Student Exchanges

Student Exchange Procedure

Students from partner universities are eligible for a student exchange within our faculty. In order to come for one semester or a full academic year, students must have been selected by their home university beforehand.  It is mandatory for the home university to inform our international relations office of the students they will be sending for the next academic year and of their length of stay in Poitiers. This information must be sent to us by email before June 30th for students arriving for the first semester and before November 30th for students arriving for the second semester.

Once their selection is announced to us by their home faculty, students will receive information by email concerning enrolment procedures and all other procedures related to their stay in Poitiers (accommodation, health insurance, etc.)

Download the University of Poitiers Law Faculty Fact Sheet. [PDF - 497 Ko]

Courses Open to International Students

Exchange students can follow all 1st year (L1) to 4th year (M1) courses.  All the classes are taught exclusively in French.

IMPORTANT: The course catalogue will be entirely renewed for the 2018-2019 academic year and will be available in March.  Also, the number of ECTS credits awarded for our courses will increase.  Please keep this in mind when consulting the 2017-2018 course catalogue.

Download the list of courses open to exchange students  [PDF - 39 Ko](2017-2018

For course descriptions, download the International Student Guide [PDF - 1 Mo] (2017-2018)

European Community Course Credit Transfer System - ECTS

This system was put in place by the European Community Commission in order to help students make the most of their study abroad experience. It measures and compares academic results and transfers them from one institute to another. The Faculty of Law of Poitiers has applied this system to all the universities with which it has signed agreements (whether they are European or not).

The ECTS credits are values assigned to each course for the volume of work in each course in relation to the volume of work necessary to complete a full academic year at the institute including: lectures, practical work, seminars, personal work at the library or at home, and exams or other assessments

60 credits represent the volume of work for an academic year in the ECTS system. Credits are allocated to students who successfully finish their courses and pass the examination or other form of assessment.

The ECTS grading scale has been put in place by the institutions participating in the pilot program in order to facilitate the interpretation of grades obtained by the students. The ECTS grading scale in no way replaces the grading system already in place locally ; the ECTS grades represent complementary information on the grades given to the student by the institution in which he or she is studying.

ECTS Grading Scale :

Fail (0-9) : Considerable further work is needed for credit
Pass/Sufficient (10-11) : Satisfied minimum criteria
Satisfactory (12) : Fair but with significant shortcomings
Good (13-14) : Generally good, in spite of certain notable shortcomings
Very good (15-16) : Above average, with a few shortcomings
Excellent (17-20) : Outstanding with only minor errors

Course Configuration : Lectures (CM) and Tutorials (TD)

The « Cours Magistraux – CM » which are lecture-type courses, last 30 hours per semester (in general 3 hours per week).  Some CMs are completed by “Travaux Dirigés –TD” which are tutorial-type classes that last 15 hours per semester.

The “Travaux Dirigés – TD” are spread throughout the semester into 10 sessions of 1h30 per week.  The session topic is given a week in advance and focuses on a specific point that was discussed in the CM.  Students must prepare each session according to the teacher’s instructions (library research, lectures, oral presentations).  Students that are enrolled in a TD obtain a grade for the work provided during sessions.  They also obtain grades for the mid-term and final exams, called “pré-colle” and “colle”.  These written exams that last 3 hours for 1st to 3rd year courses and 4 hours for 4th year courses.

Learning assessment can be achieved through written and oral exams.

Written exams last 3 to 4 hours for courses with TDs and 1h30 to 2 hours for courses without TDs.

Oral exams last about 20 minutes.  The professor hands out a topic and the student has 10 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to answer the question.

If a student fails an exam, he or she can present him/herself to a second session, called “rattrapage”, except if the course has TDs.

Students who are absent during an exam obtain 0/20.

All exam dates are determined exclusively by the Professor in charge of the course and are communicated to the international relations office.  Students must ensure their presence until the end of the exam period and organize the return trip to their home country accordingly.


An online Accommodation Request Form is accessible on the University of Poitiers’s International Relations Office website, on the following webpage: trouver un logement.  The person in charge of greeting international students will send you a housing proposition in a university residence hall or a list of private accommodation offers to consult, if you prefer private accommodation.

For all information regarding housing, please contact:

Sabrina DELB
Tel : +33.(0).
E-mail :

Health Insurance

Students from the European Union : the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) exempts European students from French student health insurance schemes and covers most medical or pharmaceutical costs incurred in France.

Non-European Students: non-European students staying for more than 3 months are under the legal obligation to buy into the student social security scheme even if they already have domestic health coverage (approximately 210 €).

Students from Québec: Thanks to a Quebec-France agreement, students from Quebec are exempted from paying student social security.  Students must absolutely provide a signed copy of the "SE 401-Q-106" form when they enroll.


French lessons

The Centre de Français Langue Etrangère offers French lessons for international students who wish to improve their French during their stay in Poitiers.

Faculty of Law Course Catalogue

University of Poitiers International Student Guide

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