Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of Poitiers University

Having inherited from a long tradition of legal teaching inaugurated in 1431, and selected by Napoleon after the troubles of the Revolution as one of the nine French establishments in charge of informing on the newly-written Civil Code, the Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Sociales of Poitiers still contributes today in a determining way to the elaboration and teaching of knowledge in the domains of law, economic and social administration.

Together in seven research teams (UMR et EA, and e mixed-service group (UMS 2268 Juriscope), its faculty members (teacher-researchers) contribute in  a sizeable manner to the teaching of the contemporary legal doctrine, by organizing symposiums, discussion sessions, study days, seminars, international congresses (circa fifteen events each year), participating in European, national or regional research programmes, and publishing numerous books, articles, chronicles, etc… Moreover, the faculty has its own collection, published by the LGDJ, with around thirty published books to date.

Based in Poitiers(in the town centre and on the campus), but also present in the Charente (In La Couronne and Segonzac) as well as in the Deux-Sèvres (with its centre in Niort specializing in Insurance Law), the faculty has also developed an extensive training courses geared to preparing students towards legal, social and administrative professions. It thus offers two bachelor’ degrees (Law and AES), three professional Bachelor degrees for rapid insertion in the work market (economic development in the domain of wine and spirits), thirth first-year masters and twenty-six fields of second-year masters.

To be able to meet the tasks it should undertake, the faculty maintains privileged relationships with legal professionals (magistrates, barrister, solicitors, etc..), local government and the business sector (insurance and savings sectors, and communications, among others).

The faculty of Law and Social Sciences at the University of Poitiers has an international dimension, having signed agreements with foreign universities and organizations in Europe and on other continents. It is a participant in more than 15 cooperation agreements and 37 SOCRATES institutional contracts.

These international agreements and contracts concluded by the European programs allow teachers and students to exchange in symposia, work in research laboratories, and share scientific literature.

Since 1995, the Faculty has applied the ECTS system to the student exchange program between European universities and also between non-European universities with which it has created a cooperation agreement (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Lebanon, and the United States).

In addition, co-supervisory thesis agreements have been signed. University diplomas have been established for foreign students as well as national diplomas that are open to these students.

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